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Headquartered in Gillespie, Illinois, Cavallo Bus Lines has offices throughout the Midwest and operates nationwide, to better serve you. If you have a general inquiry, please fill out the contact form below, or call one of our offices toll free.

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St. Louis, MO Central Terminal:

509 Illinois Ave.
Gillespie, IL 62033

Toll Free: 800.527.5675
Office: 217.839.2187
Fax: 217.839.2188

Indianapolis, IN Terminal:

4515 Stout Field South Dr.
Indianapolis IN, 46241

Office: 317.481.0600
Fax: 317.481.0605

Springfield, MO Terminal:
3755 East Kearney St.

Springfield, MO 65803

Office: 417.869.4190

Fax: 417.869.4195

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